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2018’s Biggest Swimwear Trend is WHITE HOT

Jennifer White Ruffled Off the Shoulder Bikini

Here at Sauipe Swim, our designs are inspired by the colors we see around us.

Bright, tropical greens and calm, California blues.

Fresh, sunny yellows and daring, racy reds.

We love pops of color and bold, modern prints.

That’s why we were surprised when we noticed that the swimsuits we were pulling from our closets for our first summer getaways this year were all...white?

Something about the way a white swimsuit blends in with sandy beaches and swaying palm trees has us excited for our next beach adventure.

So in honor of our new favorite swimsuit ‘color,’ we’ve put together a quick how-to guide for keeping white swimsuits white and a list of our favorite monochromatic swim looks.


How to Keep Your White Swimsuits WHITE

Over time, a toxic combo of sunscreen, chlorine, body oil, and sweat takes white swimsuits from luminous to faded.

Keeping your favorite white swimsuits white takes a little extra TLC, but will pay off come August when all of your friends are complaining that they can’t wear their white swimsuits anymore and yours still looks radiant.

How to Wash a White Swimsuit

  • Step One: Wash all the bad chemicals out of your swimsuit. Use a very gentle detergent designed for delicates. We recommend washing the suit by hand only.
    • Pro tip: NEVER use bleach on a bathing suit. Bleach will stretch the fibers of your suit and make it look saggy.
  • Step Two: Lay the suit flat and let it air dry completely.
  • Step Three: After your suit is dry, dissolve a half a cup of baking soda into a gallon of cold water, and let is soak for two hours. Baking soda will brighten your suit without damaging the fibers.
  • Step Four: RINSE. RINSE. RINSE. Make sure you get all of the baking soda out of your swimsuit.
  • Step Five: Repeat Step Two.
  • Step Six: Head back to the beach!

White Bright Swimsuits

Lilly White Halter Top Bikini


Some things just go together.

Peanut butter and jelly.

Heels and little black dresses.

Jay and Bey.

White bikinis and a tan.

Our favorite white bikinis are Lilly, Nina, and Jennifer.


One Pieces

If you asked to find a stylish one-piece five years ago, it would’ve been almost impossible. One pieces just weren’t on anyone’s radar.

Now that’s all changed.

Comfortable, sexy one-pieces are everyone’s favorite ready-to-wear swimwear look. An added bonus? You can wear any one piece as a bodysuit at your favorite weekend festival or for a night out.

 Donatella in Ivory

Our favorite white/ivory one piece swimsuits are Donatella, Eva, Debby, Penelope, and Thais.

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