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End of Summer

End of Summer, and what we are looking forward to!

We are quickly approaching the official end of summer. It seems like yesterday we were making plans for a family trip, a barbeque, a day at the beach. I also planned for quiet days: my book, a cup of coffee and my favorite chair at home.

Summer is always a time of excitement. Long sunny days, some adventures, spending more time outdoors, trying a new exciting restaurant, enjoying the sounds and scents of the flowers, the green grass and the ocean (if you live near one). I already miss all these.

Tips to survive the 'blues'

Yesterday I found a very interesting article online. It’s not new, but it is so relevant right now: 7 Tips to Survive the End-of-Summer Blues . Very interesting, with a lot of great info. It's really worth the time reading, so follow the link above to get the full text.  One big message I came with is,  in the words of Henry David Thoreau:

End of Summer


Turning the 'blues' into whites, yellows, reds....

It made me wonder, what are the special memories that I can take with me as fall and winter take their turn?

Life is really busy for most or all of us: family, business ownership (that’s complicated!), work, trying to have a social life after all this, taking care of physical and mental health, finances, and the list goes on. It is a real challenge.   As summer comes to an end, it feels like all of these challenges are knocking on the door at once.

It is overwhelming, and it makes me long for summer again.

The truth is, these life challenges were here during summer too, only our state of mind was different.

How can I make that ‘state of mind’ present in the coming seasons? I picked three ‘summer practices’ that I think I can stick to.

I usually don’t have time to go to the gym. This summer, my husband and I started taking walks in the evenings. On some days we have power walks, on others we favor lighter walks. Originally it was for weight/health reasons, but it turned out to be a great experience on so many levels.

I am also trying to not be so attached to my to-do list. There is always work to be done, everyday for Sauipe Swim. Running a small business is not simple. But I learned that over-stressing in a short period of time does not make things better. In fact, it is quite the opposite: it drains me. So I learned to take one day off a week, 100% no work.

Third, I am devoting more time to friends and family. I am picking up the phone more often to just say hello and chat. I am actually having a lot of fun doing this.

I know everyone is different, but I hope we all find a meaningful and beautiful memory that we can take with us into fall and winter, and maybe practice that a few times to make that summer state of mind stay with us all year long.




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