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Coachella Ready: Cute Festival Outfits

Coachella Ferris Wheel

Putting together a cute and comfy festival look is hard.

In the desert, it can go from hot and sticky to freezing just like that. Finding an outfit that takes you from day to night is critical.

How do you do it? Build your outfit around a statement swim piece.

Swimsuits are made to be form-fitting and comfortable, to look sexy and provide all-day wear.

Whether you’re going to Coachella in the west or the Governor’s Ball in the east - anywhere BUT Fyre - a statement swim piece is a must for your festival wardrobe.

Don’t be the girl worrying about a broken strap on her flimsy tank top during Kendrick’s set.


Jennifer White Bandeau Bikini Top



It’s never too early to start stocking up on festival essentials, and every girl needs a Jennifer if her closet.

Bouncy, flowing, sexy: embrace your inner flower child with this cute bohemian-inspired top.

Pair Jennifer with a long, flowing hippie skirt and a flower crown for pretty, retro look.




Not sure what your festival vibe is?

You 👏 Need 👏 A 👏 Halter 👏 Bikini

Lilly is the perfect, classic tie-front halter top in flirty tropical print.

Want to wear a pair of denim cut-offs to Coachella? Pair them with Lilly.

Leggings and a swim top at Lollapalooza? Wear Lilly.

Overalls, sandals and a cute top at the Gov’s Ball? I think you can guess what we’re going to say…




What’s the best thing about wearing a bandeau swim top?

No one will know it’s not just a regular top.

The second best thing about a bandeau swim top?

You can pair it with anything.

Shorts, a skirt, layered with a vest - Giovanna can transform into hundreds of different looks.

The third best thing about a bandeau top?

Your friends won’t know you’ve been wearing the same top all weekend...




There used to be two swimsuits everyone needed in their closet: a halter bikini and a v-cut one-piece.

Now there’s a new classic: the black monokini.

Carol is modern and edgy. Sleek and sophisticated. Classic and contemporary.

Wear with a worn leather jacket, cut-offs, combat boots, and smokey black eyeliner for the perfect nighttime festival look.

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