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Good as Gold

As the designer at Sauipe Swim, I am constantly surrounded by colors and prints. Fabric swatches, samples, bikinis galore, it is really a fun job! But I have to admit, I am fairly neutral when it comes to my own wardrobe. A great pair of jeans, a super awesome white t-shirt (if I am busy in the office) or a blouse for a luncheon with friends.  My natural choices have always been black, navy, white, taupe, and occasionally a red shirt. 

This year I found myself buying..... yellow. YELLOW???? Me? 

The color of sunshine, hope, and happiness

Yes! and we love all shades of yellow! Mustard, gold, canary yellow, etc. And I am not alone. We see yellow everywhere: pants, suits, shirts, shoes and of course, swimwear. Bikinis and one piece swimsuits are just a natural canvas for yellow, a color that warms the heart and reminds us of sunshine, spring and summer. 

Not surprisingly, Sauipe Swim has a great assortment of yellow and mustard swimsuits. Available in different styles, some with print, some solids, here are some of Sauipe's suits that are good as gold:


The Eva one piece swimsuit is our best seller in any color. But the mustard version is quickly becoming the top seller of all.  It offers great coverage, even with that deep plunge neckline, being sexy without excess. The halter top is also great for any body type, small or large bust, short or long torso. 

Eva mustard   Eva mustard


A classic halter top and hipster bottom, Nina is also a best seller. It is always available in at least 6 colors, but of course, Mustard this year is a big success. The delicate gold tone hardware is heat free and rust free. You can remove the hardware from the top, and adjust the hardware in the bottom for a different look each time. 



If you feel more flirty, Jennifer is your bikini!  The bottom has less coverage. The top is super versatile, and can be paired with a pair of jeans, shorts or skirt. 

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