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Seaside Staples: 5 Swimsuits You NEED

Summer is almost here, and we heard it’s going to be a hot one this year.

The time to start planning exotic getaways, beach house weekends, and summer pool parties is now.

Wherever you’re headed, don’t forget to pack a swimsuit that fits perfectly, feels comfortable, and looks great on you.

Not sure which type of swimsuit you want to wear this year? Invest in a staple swimsuit. While trends come and go, staple swimsuits last forever.

You need something that you can wear at a party in Mykonos or laying on the beach in Tulum.

Here are five staple swimsuits we keep in our closets so that we’re ready to go whenever the ocean (or the pool) calls us.


Jennifer Red Bandeau BikiniThe Essential Red Bikini

Jennifer in Red

We here at Sauipe celebrate two holidays in July.

The Fourth of July and the Fifth of July.

Why? The Fifth of July is the day French designer Louis Reard revealed his design for the first bikini at Piscine Molitar in Paris (side note: it was a red bikini).

Today’s red bikinis don’t look much like the original, but we always keep one in our closet.

The Jennifer bikini in red is a great way to pay hommage to a classic with flair and fun, ruffled details. Or check out these other red swimsuits.


The (Updated) Classic Black Bikini

Nina in Black

Deborah Kerr in From Here to Eternity. Demi Moore in Charlie’s Angels. Maribel Verdu in Y Tu Mama Tambien.

No swimsuit has been more celebrated in pop culture than the black bikini.

A well-fitting black bikini gives an effortlessly chic vibe aspiring cool girls all over the world have been trying to pull off for decades.

But just because something is a classic doesn’t mean you can’t refresh the look with a modern twist.

The Nina in black stays true to the black bikini’s roots and adds gold clasps that offer a touch of glamor.


    Eva One Piece Ivory

    The (almost) White One Piece

    Eva in Ivory

    Planning a beach honeymoon this year? The white one piece is for you.

    White swimsuits require a little extra TLC to stay looking oh-so-fresh-and-so-clean, but they’re worth the effort.

    Ask anyone you know: nothing looks better at the beach than a beautiful tan set against a crisp, white swimsuit.

    Our personal favorite is Eva in Ivory.

    Eva’s ruched and shirred stomach details hold in that extra slice of cake you ate at your wedding and complement long and short torsos. Check other ivory and white swimsuits.


    Nude Swimsuits (the New Staple)

    Giovanna in Camel

    This one probably wasn’t in your mother’s closet, but it should be in yours.

    Neutral tone swimsuits - and lipsticks and heels and intimates - are quickly becoming wardrobe essentials in every woman’s closet.

    We loved nude and neutral swimsuits because they are a great way to pretend you’re showing a little more skin than your typically would.

    When you’re wearing a nude swimsuit, make sure to go for a minimal or no-makeup makeup look.

    The idea is to have a natural, slightly undone look.
    The Giovanna ticks three boxes on the trend chart:


    Denise Cactus One Piece

    The Printed Statement Swimsuit

    Denise in Cactus

    Some days a solid colored swimsuit just won’t do.

    For days when you want all eyes on you, a printed swimsuit will always turn heads

    There are an endless number of prints to choose from, but we like the artsy Picasso print featured on Eva and Fernande, and the fun Cactus print on Raquel, Elise, and Denise.


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