Our Story


An 'accidental' beginning

The Serena Bikini in platinum
Created by sisters Marcia and Anna, Sauipe started almost by accident. Combining Anna's experience in production, Marcia’s experience in business management, and their love for beach and fashion, Sauipe's ‘accidental’ beginning took place when the much coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition published 6 suits from Sauipe's first collection in 2008.

At that point we were simply testing some styles and had no real understanding of the swim and resort industries.  No business plan yet, no website, not even a business bank account or phone number.  Just passion. And overnight, a major media boost.  There was no looking back.

That event set them on an organic and successful growth path. Sauipe swimwear can be found across the U.S. at independent boutiques of various sizes and close to 25 hotels and resorts stores in the United States and the Caribbean. 

Contemporary Swimwear for the Modern Woman

Sauipe is a contemporary swimwear brand that offers timeless styles for the modern woman. Our slow fashion, small production approach appeals to customers that appreciate high-quality beachwear and have a discerning eye for unique styles.


Proud to be a Sustainable Brand

Since our first collection, Sauipe has focused on minimizing waste and providing optimal working conditions and fair wages for its associates, always concerned about their impact on the environment, and the quality of life of their employees.

The slow fashion, high quality small production approach was natural for us, and it kept our brand true to its values since the beginning. Our fabrics are manufactured by some of the best textile vendors from Brazil, which have implemented high technology and sustainable production practices that controls the consumption of water and limits chemical residue on the environment. By using materials that are environmentally friendly, streamlining production and following high standards of labor practices, Sauipe is committed to bringing to you the best swimwear while respecting the world in which we live.