SAUIPE during COVID-19: Helping others | A Note From Our CEO | FAQ


Our priority #1 is the health and safety of our customers and employees. 

  • Is Sauipe open during quarantine? 

          Yes, we are. 
          Our staff always worked from home some days a week. We simply extended the work from home to every day of the week.   Our staff is used to working over the internet, exchanging files via the cloud, so this was a smooth transition.

  • How can you continue to ship safely? Is my package and the contents safe?

         On March 15 we moved our fulfillment center to a small location near our homes. That facility was properly sanitized and it is accessed by only one employee, who wears protective gear to make sure all packages are prepared in a safe manner, following local, state and federal guidelines. 

          Until further notice, our online shipments are processed only once a week, so you may experience some delay in the processing of your order.   

  • Why are you open?

          Sauipe wants to keep our employees busy and pay them as much as we  can, especially during this emergency time.  Although business slowed down both on our e-commerce and wholesale, we are trying to stay busy and productive.  We are organizing/ updating our documents on the cloud, communicating via email, chat or video with retailers, customers and suppliers.   

         We count on the support of our online and wholesale customers to continue delivering great swimwear during and after COVID-19!

         We are also working hard to develop our new collections, so that when we all come out of this together, we will be ready for you. 

  • What about your store?

         Sauipe does NOT own nor do we manage a brick and mortar location. We only sell online and at retail locations across the U.S. and the Caribbean. Of course, our retail partners are closed during quarantine and we are partnering with them on their initiatives to sell on their websites and social media.

  • What about your staff?

         Our team members moved to a work-from-home protocol as soon as schools started to close in the Los Angeles area. That was around March 15, before L.A. City, County and the State of California announced the order to stay-at-home on March 19. We are all doing well!