Free shipping on U.S. orders over $150

Free shipping on U.S. orders over $150


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High Quality Sustainable Swimwear

A Higher Quality Product is More Sustainable

A high quality product will last longer than a low quality one.

Even delicate products such as lingerie and swimwear? Yes. By following proper care instructions you will ensure that any high quality product will last much longer than the lower quality counterpart.  

Of course, quality comes at a cost:
  • Technology involved in developing fabrics that at the same time are more sustainable AND can last longer. 
  • Cost involved in hiring professionals that understand and can deliver quality. From the print designer to the seamstresses, every professional that works with Sauipe understands our commitment to quality. 
  • Providing fair wages and excellent work conditions to our employees, and ensuring our vendors follow the same practices.

This is an Investment

When you purchase a Sauipe swimsuit you are investing in a product that will last multiple seasons. Guaranteed. Of course, we trust you will follow the simple care instructions.  

Your Sauipe suit will not lose its elasticity, color, form or shape next season. We stand behind that!  And you don't need any special product to wash your suit. Keep it simple, and your Sauipe suit will look just as new for multiple seasons.

How Quality Translates To Sustainability

It's simple: you will purchase less over time, manufacturers will produce less, and the combined impact on the environment will be significantly lower. 

Sauipe is NOT a fast fashion brand. We will never compromise our quality nor our commitment to a healthier environment.  Our employees, vendors and suppliers share these same values.


If you would like to  share your thoughts, send us suggestions, or would like to receive more details about Sauipe's commitment to a cleaner environment, please email us at