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Shoutout Miami Interviews the Owner of Sauipe Swim

In the summer of 2022 I had the privilege of being interviewed by Emma Jacobs for Shoutout Miami.   

Shoutout Miami interviews the owner of Sauipe Swim

I talked about risk-taking and how it has shaped my personal life and business.   

Here is an excerpt that says a lot about me:

"I see risk taking as a challenge for growth, even fun, and an opportunity to discover new things and, to enjoy new experiences. I don’t really feel any fear when taking risks, so there is never a negative or heavy connotation to the work ‘risk’ in my mind.
That absence of fear serves me well in the business. For instance, when the pandemic started, it was a very difficult and unknown situation for everyone. Obviously, I was also stressed over it, but I realized very early on that I had to come up with solutions to pivot my business and continue. I turned fear and stress into determination."

I credit my Dad......

I credit my father for this trait. He was an awesome human being and lived life to the fullest. To share one great memory, at the age of 68, after a double major (Accounting and Economics), a Masters in Economics and already retired from a successful career in public service, my Dad decided to attend Law School.  I remember my Mom was not very happy about that, she believed Dad should enjoy retirement and rest.  Not him. He never missed a day of class and at the age of 72, he graduated from Law School.  My family and I traveled to Brazil for the occasion. Members of the also Board attended the graduation, and everyone in attendance stood up when my Dad was called to receive his degree.  It was quite a moment. 

In his 60's my Dad also started taking English lessons. He never said anything, but I knew it was because he wanted to be able to communicate with my family here. My kids do speak Portuguese, but my Dad was not shy of a challenge. 

You can read the entire interview at: .