Streamlining Production: One Step for a Sustainable Product

We are one small piece in the big manufacturing puzzle

As I write this, the world is going through unprecedented challenges due to COVID19.  Even before this, we all knew that the Earth is suffering, animals being extinct, we experience weather conditions that are not normal, and a myriad of other changes that affect our Earth and own health. 

We will not write a dissertation here on all that is going on. The internet has many reliable sources that we can read and get informed about the problems - and the solutions.

Instead, we will focus on what Sauipe does and how we contribute to the solution to minimize our impact on the environment.  

Will our actions make a difference? 

If we all do our part, the combined result will make a huge difference.

Sauipe is a small brand, but we did consume in the past a lot more plastic and paper than we do now.  Imagine if we multiply Sauipe's efforts by the hundreds of thousands of brands out there in the world.  So yes, we believe Sauipe is making a difference. 

Streamlining Production

Sustainable manufacturing is the creation of manufactured products through economically-sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources.

The very first step Sauipe took in that direction was in 2017 when we started designing more robust and concise collections. Before 2017 Sauipe would develop  90 to 100 styles a year. That meant manufacturing templates, pilot pieces, and at least two samples of each item.  Many of these styles never went to production. We wasted all the resources involved in creating, shipping, photographing all those samples. 

The first step was to survey our customers and retailers. We spent a few months narrowing down the styles that were important to our customers, and defining that each collection should have no more than ten strong styles.  Better yet, some designs were so strong that they repeat on multiple collections. Those became our CORE suits, like the Eva.

As of 2020, Sauipe releases four collections a year and a combined 35 styles.  

Minimizing Waste

Cost is always a consideration when you own a business. Let's be honest: cost savings was the primary reason why we created the company culture to save everywhere.  The benefits were much more important than cost savings. 

We never wanted to compromise our quality. Every single element in your Sauipe suit has to be of the highest quality: lining, threads used in sewing, elastics, the fabric, and so on.  

So the only thing we could control is how we employ these resources. We work closely with our vendors, and we have been very successful in minimizing waste. From the way the suits are cut to the way we package them, Sauipe controls every resource we use. And yes, we turn off the lights when no one is there!

What started as a business necessity, evolved into our company's DNA. We are not only saving money. Sauipe can effectively provide a high-quality swimsuit with little to no waste of resources.


If you would like to  share your thoughts, send us suggestions, or would like to receive more details about Sauipe's commitment to a cleaner environment, please email us at