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A Company Founded and Run By Women

A Female Run Business: Why it's important?

Women have been carving our place in business for years. It hasn't been easy.  It still isn't, but with the support of our fellow women, things are changing.

We used to be considered inept, not qualified to run a business. Or we were too busy caring for family, home, and all sorts of other excuses.  None of which are true. 

Of course it is not easy, I have been doing this for a while. But I am finding more and more support nowadays. We can do it. Hell, we can even be the President of the U.S. very soon! 

It is important to show to our peers (male and females) that gender is not a defining factor in success. We must show that to our daughters, so their path will be easier than ours. 

I am so lucky that my husband and all around me have been supportive from the beginning. I know that is not always the case, and I consider this a group effort, and thank my family every day for their great support.

Female Founder Collective

On November 2020 Sauipe has joined the Female Founder Collective, a curated network of businesses led by women, supporting women. Its mission is to empower women-led businesses to positively impact our communities economically and socially. 

The power of women-led businesses.

We are honored to be part of such a great group of women and look forward to collaborating with the group!    

To learn more about this organization, please click on their logo bellow. And if you are also a female business owner, join the club!!!

Logo for Female Founder Collective.