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How to Choose the Best Accessory for Your Swimsuit

Woman wearing an ivory one piece swimsuit and a straw hat.
Accessories are no longer optional for fashion enthusiasts. Fashion Network notes how fashionistas now consider accessories as safe investments because they are less fleeting than trendy clothing. Belts, eyewear, handbags, shoes, and other accessories even became top-selling items on global fashion platforms as brands like Balenciaga and Vivienne Westwood started creating more standout pieces.

These accessories are worth the investment because they can highlight the beautiful details of your swimwear and make your outfit look even better. To illustrate, here’s how you can pair swimsuits with accessories.

Use sparkling accessories with your black swimwear

As shown in our post on ‘Sophisticated Black Swimsuits for Women’, black swimwear is a must-have for many women because it can make you look slimmer and taller by drawing the eye away from the body and towards the head, hands, and feet instead. To illustrate, the Donatella Black One Piece swimsuit has a deep square neck cut that emphasizes your face, neck, and chest, while the ruched midsection and criss-cross back of the Celeste swimsuit can direct people’s attention to your limbs.

However, you can further draw attention from your body to your head by wearing shiny earrings with your black swimsuit. You can also wear metallic bracelets and anklets to catch people’s eyes through their sharp contrast with the black shade of your swimwear.

Pair your one-piece with signature sunglasses

When out of the water in your swimwear, you will likely be wearing sunglasses, and you can look simple yet sophisticated by pairing one-piece swimsuits with signature eyewear. Miley Cyrus recently matched her mirrored sunglasses with her gold bathing suit, demonstrating how sunglasses can easily elevate your swimwear.

You can also create a classy, timeless outfit by accessorizing neutral-colored swimsuits with classic women’s sunglasses from Ray-Ban. The dark tint of the original Wayfarer shades can help emphasize the shade of your white swimsuit and even make your stunning tan stand out. Meanwhile, the signature metallic frames of the Aviator sunglasses can serve as a subtle contrast to the deep shade of black one-piece swimsuits. By combining these classic silhouettes, you can master the quiet luxury style.

Wear body chain jewelry with your bikini

You can show off your sculpted beach body by accessorizing your bikini with a body chain.

Bikinis can already accentuate your curves by adding more width to your hips through high-rise silhouettes or drawing focus to your waist through low-rise bottoms. However, you can further emphasize your body by putting the body chain jewelry from Junya Watanabe and David Koma over your bikini. Junya Watanabe’s long pearl and chain necklaces can draw attention to your hips and boost the effects of your high-rise bikini bottom. On the other hand, David Koma’s seashell-themed body chain jewelry wraps around the waist, making it a great accessory to pair with low-rise bottoms.

Match your headscarf to your swimsuit

If you’re into the Y2K trend, you can look stylish at the beach by wearing a headscarf that matches your swimsuit.

Stars like Christina Aguilera, the Olsen twins, and Britney Spears famously wore these headscarves. However, Vanessa Anne Hudgens recently showed that headscarves can both be practical and stylish, especially when paired with a bikini. Headscarves are actually practical because they can keep your hair away from your face and body, even if you’re in a destination with strong winds. As a result, your bikini will be more visible because the Y2K accessory neatly ties your hair back.
Woman wears a head scarf on the beach
Let's admit it: it's fun to accessorize outfits! Make sure that you will continue to look and feel good throughout your trip by pairing your swimsuits with accessories that complement them.