White Swimsuits: Yes or No? We discuss 4 common concerns here

Is a White Swimsuit right for me?

Are you in search of a bold, new look for the beach this summer?

How about adding some elegant white swimwear to your wardrobe? I know what you might be thinking: I never buy white swimsuits. They make me look 'big'. They stain. I am afraid of how they look when wet. 

I'm here to tell you that you can confidently wear a white bathing suit without regretting your choice. Choose the white swimsuit carefully and it might be your best suit ever!

Let's debunk some of the myths about white swimwear.  If you can't wait to get your hands on an awesome white bikini or white one-piece, check out our White Collection - but keep reading, it's worth it!

1. White Swimsuits Are See-through

A common myth is that white swimsuits will reveal too much, causing a major fashion faux pas. The truth is, not all swimsuits are created equal.

If you select a quality swimsuit, you don't have to worry that it will be see-through when wet. Make sure the fabric is of high quality and it is not too thin. Stretch it on your hand at the store, see how much you can see through. And is the suit properly lined?

All of Sauipe's white swimsuits are created with a very consistent, high-quality fabric. Not only it is sustainable (we will leave this for another topic), the white remains white even after many washes. The fabric also stretches both ways, so you will not see those 'shinny' lines when you wear the suit.  

And the lining?  All of Sauipe's white swimsuits - and ivory too! - are double-lined. In addition to the pretty and comfortable lining you see on the suit, we add a light-weight but very effective layer between the shell and the lining.  This layer is sewn along all seams, so it will not move, shrink, or lose its shape over time.

You can jump in the pool or enjoy the ocean and come out confident that your white bikini or white one-piece will not be see-through.

 Debby white one piece swimsuit when wet Debby white one piece swimsuit when wet

2. White Suits Stain Easily

It's natural to assume that a pure white bathing suit will stain in no time. After all, every little speck and spill usually shows on white fabric.

However, when crafted from quality fabrics, even a white swimsuit doesn't stain or fade. You can safely expose it to the elements of the beach or chlorinated pool water.

Just be sure to clean your suit according to our care instructions.  If you follow these recommendations, you can enjoy your swimsuit without stains or fading/yellowing for several summers to come.

3. White Swimsuits Don't Flatter the Figure

A common myth among the fashion-conscious is that wearing white can't flatter your figure. There is some truth to this; darker clothes do offer a slimming effect.

However, the way you look in any given outfit or swimsuit isn't just determined by its color. What matters more is how the suit is designed and how it complements your curves.

White swimwear comes in many styles. It's meant for women of all sizes. When you choose a swimsuit, select a style that accentuates the parts of your body you feel most confident about.   And pay close attention to the size chart to make sure the suit is not too tight or loose.   A suit that is too tight will make you look bigger (no matter what color the suit it). 

Pay attention to details that may highlight your favorite parts of your body, as well as details that may highlight parts you wish to conceal.

For instance, some swimsuits are crafted with ruching, which is a layering of fabric that can conceal some parts of the body - especially the tummy. But it can also call for attention too much, so you have to try to see what fits you best.

One great example is the Eva swimsuit.  It has the ruching around the waistline. Don't let that scare you.  Trust me, it helps hide that middle part very well. It's not bulgy.  It also has a deep V neckline that is not too revealing (you can style it as you like, more or less open).
This neckline elongates the torso, creating the perfect balance with the horizontal ruching.  Customers of all shapes have purchased the Eva, some ladies get the Eva in different colors, year after year.  Long torso, short torso, wider hips, narrow hips, more bust, less bust, all customers love Eva. 

Eva one piece white swimsuit.


A tasteful high-waisted bikini can also highlight your best curves, or cover up anything that you want to conceal.  Make sure you pair it with a top that fits you well and balances the bottom of your choice.  

Note that all Sauipe white bikinis are made of the same white fabric, so you can mix and match any bottom with any top and they will look incredible! 

Here we show the Bianca white bikini bottom. It is so elegant, and the additional vertical line on the side adds some interest and enhances the fit, giving that elongated body impression.  I have a short torso and I feel more comfortable wearing a halter top, so I wear my Bianca bottom with the Rosie top, shown on the next image. 


Check more white bikini options in our White Collection.

We truly believe that every woman has a beautiful body. We just need to find the best garments that make us feel awesome!


4. White Swimsuits Don't Complement My Complexion

This reminds me of the traditional school of thought that believes white wine should always accompany fish or chicken, and red wines should always accompany red meat. Or something to that effect. I usually don't listen to this at all.

Having said that, it's understandable that you want your swimwear to compliment your skin tone.  The misconception is that white makes any skin tone look bland or pale.

In truth, white can match your complexion whether you're dark-skinned or fair-skinned. If you have a dark complexion, your skin will contrast beautifully with a pure white bikini.  If you have a fair complexion, a white swimsuit can actually complement the beauty of your skin.

Here are two gorgeous ladies. The white bikini is Elise Top and Jenna Bottom. The white one-piece swimsuit is Emma. White looks great on both ladies. Hint: the Emma is on sale  😉

 Emma white one-piece swimsuit

Ready for Your New Look?
Now that we've dispelled some of the most common myths about white swimsuits, are you ready to give this elegant color a try? And remember, Sauipe offers free-shipping and free returns, so it is a good idea to mix and match, try a few styles and see what will work best for you. 

Feel free to browse our White Swimsuit Collection and update your summer wardrobe with the styles that suit you best. You can also learn more about our brand by contacting us with any questions. We're proud of our quality swimwear, and we hope you enjoy it as well.