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How Sauipe Creates Your Swimsuit


What are the steps to create these amazing suits? 
We hope you enjoy learning a little about our development process. Of course, we simplified it here, but you will get a pretty good idea in this first chapter.


The Theme

Inspirations and an example of a mood board to develop a swimwear collection

The first phase of the development process is defining the theme of the collection. Coming up with the right ideas is key. In my opinion, this is the most difficult and the longest phase of the development process. We usually start 12 to 15 months before the expected release date - the date when the collection will hit the stores and online. 

As with all creative processes, coming up with the theme and general ideas for a collection requires inspiration, a lot of research, and sometimes, a great 'aha moment'.

The more information we gather at this point, the easier the next phases will be.

Prints and Colors

Developing exclusive prints for your Sauipe suit

The second phase has concurrent tasks:  prints development, color selection, and deciding on the right fabrics.  Different materials will showcase colors and prints in a different way. Some prints will look better in a matte fabric, while others will benefit from a slight sheen. 

Sauipe develops exclusive prints every year. That means that you will not find them anywhere else. Guaranteed. We commission the work from an amazing textile designer. She is also Brazilian and lives in Europe, so her art is inspired by many sources.  We work together to create the prints that best represent the theme I selected in the first phase - the Mood Board. 

Developing a print has many technical and artistic considerations. That's why it is so important to work with a designer that understands my vision, understands the technical aspects of print design, and even more so, understands swimwear. A swimsuit is a relatively small 'canvas', and it takes a lot of skill to develop the right print.

Once we agree on the design, we request samples from our fabric vendor. Almost always the samples are exactly what we had in mind and the approval process is quick. Sometimes we need to make some adjustments to color, scale, etc. In the above photo, you can see the original prints and the actual fabric samples. 

The Styles

Developing exclusive styles for your Sauipe suit



As with so many things in life, selecting what styles will make up the collection is about finding the right balance.  Sauipe already has some CORE suits - those that come back every season because you love them!  Usually, all CORE suits show up in more than one collection each year. 

We also come up with new and interesting ideas, keeping in mind what our customers like: timeless, sophisticated, and clean lines. 
Other important factors: create styles that women of many body types will like; create styles in which women will feel gorgeous and comfortable; the balance between sexy and sophisticated; how to enhance the prints we selected, etc.

The Details

Selecting unique details that make Sauipe swimsuits unique.


Something as simple as stitches has to be perfect. High-quality finishing is extremely important because they reflect our commitment to your investment and to your comfort. Even if a seam is not visible on the outside of the suit, it has to be perfect for you.  
The quality of any hardware is also a top concern. If any metal piece is added to the suit, we guarantee that it is rust-free, heat-free, and hypoallergenic.
Creativity is always on our minds.  We believe that 'less is more' and aim to keep styles clean and sophisticated. So it's not easy to come up with creative details that are unique, exclusive to Sauipe, and are done well.  From the ruching details to criss-cross straps and laser appliques, we are constantly working on that special detail that you will love. 

It all Comes Together 

Creating the best swimsuit you will ever wear


After months of planning, designing and countless meetings, the collection is ready.  
It is very exciting to see the result of our work when we try the suits ourselves. It is very gratifying to see the fruit of our labor!
The next steps are taking photos on models and ghost mannequins (for e-commerce) and sending the samples to our sales team, who share the goodies with stores across the country. 
But the ultimate reward is to share our collection with you!