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Free shipping on U.S. orders over $150


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Brand Values

As a luxury swimwear label, Sauipe is committed to being a responsible partner in this world. Our goal is to produce high quality, slow fashion: a product that is designed and created responsibly.  Sauipe is committed to sustainable production practices, and to lower our impact on the environment.

We believe that it is our responsibility to adhere to fair wages, excellent working conditions, and to encourage entrepreneurship, especially among minorities.

Our attention to detail, unique fabrics, and expert craftsmanship result in a high-quality product that you can enjoy for multiple seasons. This philosophy values your investment in our product and respects the world in which we live. 


"It really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one destiny, affects all indirectly."

 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968), Christmas Eve sermon, 1967



We are committed to full transparency. We will tell you as it is. If we are doing something that doesn’t yet meet our standards or your standards, we will be honest about it.We will also share with you the progress on important efforts we are working on.
What's next at Sauipe.

Women Empowerment

Sauipe is female-founded, female-owned, and operated. We are committed to creating products for the modern woman that has a positive lifestyle.

Since the very beginning, Sauipe has given back to organizations that support women and girls' causes. Empowering women with education, health and knowledge are very close to our hearts.

Ethical Production

Sustainability is the ability to exist constantly.

We strongly believe that a healthy society can only exist constantly if its members treat each other in an ethical manner. In our microcosmos, ethical behavior includes not wasting resources (water, paper, fabric, materials), respecting our customers and their trust in our brand, and how we treat our associates. Our company can only be sustainable if we treat our associates and employees ethically: fair wages, safe working conditions and adequate working hours, and no child labor. Ever.
Streamlining Production.


We want to help make women feel comfortable and confident. Our swimwear is beautiful, but you are the one who shines, every single time you wear a Sauipe suit. We also appreciate and respect your investment in high quality swimwear when you purchase Sauipe. So we will stand behind it, and provide you with the best customer service possible.

Skills and Craftsmanship

We value the skills of our associates in every Sauipe swimsuit they create. Each Sauipe item is handmade by skilled professionals who are proud of their authentic craftsmanship.

Giving Back

We see beyond our brand.

We feel that it is our responsibility to give back to our communities as much as we can. Sauipe usually donates 5% of online sales to organizations that support women, girls, education, and environmental causes.
Sauipe's response during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reducing Waste

Sauipe’s thoughtful production processes reflect our minimal waste mentality. From fabrics, trims, packaging, and shipping supplies, we are careful to purchase what is necessary and to not waste any resource. Our values are rooted in a non-disposable mindset. We never overproduce and are proud to create timeless products that will have an extended life.


A high-quality product designed to last, Sauipe swimsuits are not disposable. They will last many seasons. We strive to create high-quality swimwear to protect your investment and the environment, by producing smaller batches and creating timeless styles, instead of following quick trends.

High Quality, Sustainable Swimwear.

Responsible Materials

We source materials and fabrics from vendors that share our values. Although nothing can be manufactured without some impact on the environment, we make sure that the materials we use are produced responsibly, complying with certified methods of production that are environmentally responsible. This means less chemical runoff during production, less harmful chemicals, recycling water, and responsible energy sourcing and consumption. Less harmful chemicals also translate into a product that is safer for your skin.
Chic sustainable swimwear.