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How to Choose the Best Bikini Bottom for Your Body Type

Seeking out the perfect swimsuit can be intimidating, and with so many available options, you can spend hours shopping for a swimsuit. It is possible, however, to make this a much easier and more enjoyable experience.

We believe that any woman can wear a bikini with confidence. No matter what age or shape we are, each body is unique and we should not fit any specific mold or definition. Instead, you can explore styles, colors and fits that make you feel comfortable and confident while achieving a balanced look.

We will share with you some tips on how to find the best type of bikini bottom for you; one that is most flattering for your body, and will make you feel and look gorgeous on your next vacation.

Low rise black bikini bottom with more coverage paired with halter black bikini top.

Choosing the Right Bikini Bottom for Your Body Type 

Before we explore the various types of bikini bottoms, we suggest you consider these factors:

  • Fit. Find pieces that fit your body best. Look for styles that make you feel more comfortable and confident. Do you like more coverage on the bottom? Do you prefer less coverage or less tan lines?
  • Be open-minded. Don’t assume that you cannot wear a specific style because of your body shape or size.
  • How much skin you can bear to show. You may feel more adventurous in the privacy of a private pool, yet more modest when visiting a resort with your family. Find options for different occasions.
  • Materials and quality. Find a bikini bottom that is crafted with premium stretch fabrics. They provide a snug fit and work with your curves making it a pleasure to wear.
  • Color. Pick a color that complements your skin tone and that works well with the rest of your wardrobe. Choosing a versatile bikini bottom means that you will enjoy it more often and for seasons to come.
  • Size. Wear the correct size on any style and your bikini bottom will look elegant and flattering.
  • Quality: premium fabrics retain their shape and colors even after many washes. Combined with expert craftsmanship, high-quality materials ensure that your bikini bottom will feel as good in ten years as it does now. 

Types of Bikini Bottoms

As you read the following sections, keep in mind these guidelines. The right type of bikini bottom is the one that meets your criteria

  • embellishments such as hardware, zippers, buttons, and straps tend to draw attention. If you want to conceal anything, avoid embellishments in that area.  If your goal is to highlight a curve, choose a bikini bottom with details that will draw attention to that area
  • the same applies for colors: bright colors, some prints or color blocks will highlight that body part. Neutral colors will not draw attention.
  • play with colors, styles and details to accentuate a body part or to distract from it
  • with any style, wear the correct size. 
  • aim for balance, by pairing a bikini bottom with a top that will achieve your goals and make you look and feel confident. 

Know Your Body: What Bikini Bottoms Are Most Flattering

Embrace your body with confidence and choose clothing, accessories and swimsuits that reflect your beauty.   There is no limiting body shape or size when it comes to choosing the best bikini bottom. An hourglass goddess can be a size 6 or a size 16.

Most guides suggest that a specific bikini bottom style can flatter only certain body types.   We do not agree with that. We believe that the most flattering bikini bottom is the one that provides a balanced look and a comfortable fit. And this balance can be achieved by pairing the best fitting bikini tops and bottoms in the right materials and colors.

The variety of styles and fabrics in the market is almost endless. With proper research you can find a bikini bottom that flatters your body, no matter what style you prefer.

It is important to understand you own figure, and know what curves you would like to draw attention to (or not).

  • Hourglass shaped women have a curvy built, with a more defined waistline.
  • Pear-shaped are smaller or narrower on top than the bottom.
  • Rectangular shaped beauties have less or minimal curves, and their waistline is not as defined.
  • Apple-shaped ladies are generally well proportioned, with shoulders wider than the hips, and don’t have a well-defined waistline.

Everybody and every body is different. You may not be any of these shapes through and through, and that is absolutely normal. Take these definitions as a general guideline, not the rule.

Other factors to consider when choosing the right bikini bottom:

  • Long vs. short torso: short torso ladies can definitely wear a bikini. Keep in mind to choose items that will create a balanced look.
  • Long legs vs. short legs: again, it’s all about balance. There is no right or wrong, as long as you feel comfortable and confident.

Know Your Size

No matter what style bikini bottom you prefer, make sure to wear it in the correct size. Wearing something too big will actually make you look bigger - not more covered - as too much fabric will add bulk to your curves. Wearing something too small will create focal points that you probably want to avoid - such as bulging fabric or an unflattering fit around your hips.

It is important to get measured for a swimsuit by a professional if possible or use online size guides for reference when shopping online.   Here we provide a Swimsuit Size Guide and instructions on how to take your measures.

Note that even within the same brand, different styles can fit you best in one size, while other styles will fit you best in a different size.   Try different sizes and compare. Ask questions.

Know The Styles and Features of Bikini Bottoms

As a swimsuit designer I am often asked ‘what bikini bottom is right for me?’ Or ‘can I wear a high-waisted bikini bottom if I am pear shaped?’ or ‘what bikini bottom is most flattering?’. The answer is usually ‘it depends’.

Nowadays the styles of bikini bottoms are so diverse, that I prefer to look at their features instead of packaging all bottoms in strict categories. For instance, in the past, high-waisted bikini bottoms were available only in full coverage. Nowadays you can find a high-waisted bikini bottom with a Brazilian cut or full coverage.

Once we understand all the possible features and combinations available, purchasing and wearing a swimsuit will be a pleasurable.

  • High waisted bikini bottoms are retro looking and elegant and can provide more support. Depending on the construction and material of the high-waisted bottom, it can provide a lift to a small or flat bum. High-waisted bikini bottoms can have different coverage types, from full to Brazilian, high-leg or lower cut. 

    Here are some examples of high-waisted bikini bottoms: Elle in pumpkin, Maya in burgundy red, Claire in green lurex, and the reversible Val bikini bottom in green/pumpkin.  Find more high waisted bikini bottoms

High waisted bikini bottom with a sash that ties on the side. High waisted bikini bottom in burgundy red. Claire high waisted bikini bottom in green lurex. Reversible bandeau bikini top paired with high waisted reversible bikini bottom.
    • Hipster bikini bottoms: these bottoms hug the body at the hip and accentuate the waistline. They cover part of the tummy and the lower back. Hipster bottoms are usually midrise bikini bottoms and can also come in different cuts, from Brazilian to full coverage. 

      Here are some examples of hipster bikini bottoms: the Serena bikini bottom in black, platinum (with a delicate sheen), gold (ribbed fabric) and pink blush. Find more hipster bikini bottoms

    Serena hipster bikini bottom in black Hipster bikini bottom in platinum, an ivory textured fabric with a delicate sheen. Hipster bikini bottom in ribbed fabric.Hipster bikini bottom in pink blush

    Classic brief bikini bottom in black Green bikini bottom White bikini bottom, double lined with more coverage. Red cheeky bikini bottom Low rise tie-side bikini bottom in pink blush Navy bikini bottom tie-side Tie side bikini bottom in purple lurex Reversible tie-side bikini bottom in green/pumpkin.
    • Triangle bikini bottoms: these are a subset of the tie-side bikini bottoms where the sides are thinner straps, resulting in less coverage. Triangle bikini bottoms offer more flexibility in how high on the sides you can tie the strings. 

      The first two images are the same bikini bottom, the Leah reversible tie-side bikini. We are showing two images to illustrate how the coverage is different on different bodies, and the ties make it versatile for any fit.  The next images are of the same bikini in two different colors: Tamara triangle bikini bottom in green and purple
    Reversible bikini bottom Reversible bikini bottom in green/pumpkin  Tie side lurex bikini bottom Tie side lurex bikini bottom 
    • Thong bottoms: there is a place and time for everything, and if you feel adventurous and comfortable, go for it! This style is as small as they get.   Thong bottoms are usually triangle tie-side bikini bottoms with minimum coverage on the back. Sauipe does not carry any style in this category.

    If you are not sure yet, check our complete collection showing all bikini bottom types.

    Other features to consider when choosing a bikini bottom:

    • Full coverage bikini bottom: this covers most of the bum, or all of it. Regardless of the style, the back offers more coverage on the sides and lower part of the bum.
      Here we show the Giovanna in camel and Bianca in white. Both are high waisted bikini bottoms and come in different colors. Next, the Jenna classic brief bikini bottom that offers more coverage and also come in a variety of colors. 
    Giovanna high waist full coverage bikini bottom  White high waisted bikini bottom  Sage green bikini bottom.
      • Medium/moderate coverage. This is somewhat relative. What I may consider medium coverage could be little or too much for someone else.   In general, they cover about half of each cheek.  Here are some great examples: Jenna brown bikini bottom in a floral print, Serena mid rise bikini bottom in white and one of our best sellers, the Nina bikini bottom in red terracota. 
      Print low rise bikini bottom with more coverage. White bikini bottom Nina bikini bottom in red terracotta
        Lurex tie-side bikini bottom in purple  Tie-side bikini bottom in green/pumpkin Diane cheeky bikini bottom in black
          • Minimum coverage: they leave nothing to the imagination.
          • Brazilian cut: these are great for making smaller bums appear fuller, giving the impression of a larger bum shape. These styles can appear intimidating, but if you’ve got the confidence to work it then this style is for you. And yes, you can have almost any bikini style with a Brazilian cut. Sauipe does not offer any bikini bottom in this category.
          • High leg bikini bottoms (or high cut bikini bottoms). The leg cut is higher and more pronounced on the sides, creating the illusion of longer legs. High leg bottoms can be high-waisted or mid-rise. They can also be of medium back coverage or Brazilian cut.  Sauipe has one extremely popular high leg bikini bottom, the Olivia. It is elegant and has a very comfortable fit.  New colors will be added soon!
          Orange high leg, high waist bikini bottom  High-leg bikini bottom in orange
          • Cheeky bottoms: bottoms that are between a Brazilian and medium coverage. They have a slightly curved cut on the bum, providing a bit less coverage. Just like the Brazilian bottoms, it can make small bums look bigger, but also can make a larger bum look sexy. Just make sure you wear the right size for your body.  our most popular cheeky bikini bottom is the Diane, and it comes in three staple colors: black, terracota red and camel. Other great options are available here.
          Red bikini bottom low-rise. Low rise cheeky bikini bottom in red terracota.

            Embellishments and other details

            Generally speaking, embellishments in a swimsuit will draw attention to that area.   As with all other features, such attention also depends on the color of the swimsuit, and the size and type of the embellishment.

            When choosing a bikini bottom with belts, ruching or other embellishments, combine these details with fabrics and colors that create a balanced look. This way, you can draw more or less attention to the area in question.

            Examples of embellishments used in bikini bottoms:

            • Belts
            • Ruching
            • Metals, stones, plastic details
            • Buttons, decorative zippers

            Shopping for swimsuits online

            Shopping for a swimsuit can be overwhelming, and even more daunting nowadays, since so many brands and stores are 100% online.

            With so many styles out there, how do you know which bikini bottom will be most flattering for your body, and the best choice for that pool party you were invited to? Explore different styles in a variety of colors, materials and prints, until you find options that flatter your body and make you feel confident and comfortable.  

            We highly recommend that you shop where shipping and returns are free, so you can try different styles and sizes at the comfort of your home and see what works best for you. Sauipe offers free shipping and returns, and many of our first-time customers purchase swimsuits in different sizes at once, so they can familiarize themselves with our brand.


            We encourage women everywhere to step out of their comfort zone when buying a swimsuit - yet make sure they do it in a way that honors their unique body shape.

            Whether you have stretch marks, extra tummy, scars or none of those, know that you can wear a bikini and rock it. Have fun mixing up patterns & colors until you find the perfect combination for you – because at the end of the day there really is no wrong answer when it comes to choosing the best type of bikini bottom for you.


            We are here to help! Contact us on this form, via email or by calling 310-344-4609.